Our Company

EaglePro Communications - Our Goal Here at EaglePro, our goal is customer satisfaction, period. With that comes the quality, dedication, and commitment to getting the job done right.


Eaglepro communications - company background For the past 25 years, EaglePro has worked with companies such as DISH Network, Primestar, and Winegard to provide satellite antenna and antenna accessories to the telecommunications industry. EaglePro has manufactured everything from 3.1m antennas to plastic cable junction boxes. Currently, our expertise lies in antenna mounting systems.

Our Purpose

what we do EaglePro Communications is a full service manufacturing facility with 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry.

what we offer EaglePro offers a variety of mounting systems for the telecommunications industry. From non-penetrating roof mounts (NPRM's) and patio mounts to pole adapters and penetrating strut kits, EaglePro services a wide range of applications.

EaglePro also has a full service metal stamping & fabrication operation that is available for your manufacturing needs. Please contact customer service if you would like more information.

Our Testimonials


wendy berry “Here at EaglePro we take pride in everything we do from customer service to employee relations.”
Mark Olinyk “If there is one thing our company does right, it's provide the market with the highest quality product available.”
Lucas Olinyk “It is truly satisfying working as an engineer for a manufacturer of products that are and will always be essential to the telecommunications and electronics industry.”